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Ted's Testimonials

Dear Ted,

You are the very best thing that could happen for Oliver and us!!!!  It gives us complete peace of mind while we
are traveling and especially last weekend when we got married.  Knowing Ollie was with you let us have time
with family and friends without the stress it would have caused him if he were at home.  As you know we have
had "in home care" for Ollie that was just awful.  He is a people dog and someone coming to walk him three
times a day just didn't work.
You not only love him, he loves you!!
We know we can leave him in your very capable hands and have a wonderful vacation anytime.
Thank you Ted,
Marshall & Mary-Ellen & Ollie R.

I want to thank you for being so tuned-in to Scooter when he was staying with you. We kept an eye on his ear
and decided he needed to go to the vet. It turned out that he had an ear infection. I really appreciate your
awareness of his well-being. It is incredibly reassuring to know that he is being paid so much attention while he
is with you.



I recently moved to FL from CO and do not know anyone here (with the exception of Co-Workers)so knowing
that I would have to travel for work, made me very cautious on where I leave Lexi, my 5 year old Cairn Terrier
Lhasa Apso mix.

Just for the month of August, I have had to take Lexi to Ted's house for a total of 9 days on 3 separate
occasions. Fortunately, Ted enjoyed Lexi's company and she enjoyed getting spoiled with so many walks every
day. I have already set up other dates in advance with Ted, because I know my dog is in good hands. If anyone
needs a referral for you as a pet host, please feel free to give them my email address, as I have nothing but
positive comments to offer.
Sophia S.


My husband and I are new to the area and came across Ted's information online. We went to visit him and after
meeting with him, we knew he would be able to handle our miniature schnauzer Charlie, who can be a handful at
times. Ted made us feel so at ease and had such a calming manner about him. Ted sent us daily emails to
update us on Charlie everyday, which was so great! He even sent us a picture of Charlie looking for lizards,
which is one of his favorite activities! When we went to pick Charlie up, we could tell that he and Ted had really
bonded! Ted even gave us some tips on walking Charlie since he is a "puller." Thanks Ted for being so GREAT
with Charlie!
Lauren P.


We are very grateful to have found Ted in our search for a caregiver to our two puppies. Having planned a last
minute trip to Palm Beach- we were nervous about both price and availability, and we found Ted to be
accommodating to our schedule and financially reasonable. Upon meeting Ted we were struck by his calm
manner, and his calming effect on our dogs. His home was spacious and quite beautiful- which was reassuring
to both myself and my fiancee. He seemed unphased by our disorganization- and even went out of his way to
buy food and supplies for the dogs- which were in short supply when we arrived. I am hard pressed to find a
critical comment to balance this review, as the experience was a very positive one.
Ted communicated with us every couple of days for the weeklong stay, and maintained a care and
professionalism throughout. We would not hesitate to recommend him for anyone in the area, and would be
pleased to give further information if needed at 647 218 0916.
Kristen S.    Toronto ON


Ted ,
Thanks so much, I was able to go away and know my Sassy was safe and happy with u she was just like if she,
was at HOME and she took to you like you where FAMILY and thats when I knew she was in a good place.
My Sassy fills her name and I know when she likes or dislikes a person she is a good read on humans and Ted
U R a good one.
I know when I have to go away I can send here to your house not to a CAGE ....
Thank you
Sassy will return again to see her new friend Ted.
God Lov Ya
Wendy & Sassy


Ted - this may not make your list of testimonials which is fine but I just wanted to express our appreciation of

My little Westie, Skyler has fallen in love. It was apparent after the very first introduction to Ted that Skyler had
met a dear friend. Isn't it funny how animals just know when they've met someone who is such a caring soul. Ted
radiates a calmness that could calm any dog or probably any human. If you meet him, you'll understand.  

He has always made me feel completely at ease in leaving Skyler. For the first time in such a long time,  I don't
worry about leaving her in someone else's care. She's in excellent hands with Ted. Skyler loves the walks and
all the attention she gets from Ted. I think she feels Ted's house is her home away from home.

We love our Mr. Ted!!!

Shirley L.


Ted is a blessing to our family, we were in a drastic spot and needed someone last minute to take of 1 of our
maltese.  We researched Ted on the internet and saw how loving and passionate he was for animals and knew
he would be able to help us! It isn't easy to just drop your pet off at a strangers house, but Ted made us feel at
ease.  Duchess LOVES him, and most importantly we trust him.  They have bonded and become great friends!
We would refer Ted to ANYONE who is a pet lover and wants their pet loved just as much when they are away!

Bob, Nikki & Duchess



Again, thanks for everything!  Freckles was in great shape, physically and emotionally when we left your place.
We appreciate the great care you gave him while we were in West Palm Beach.  Feel free to share our email
or cell numbers with anyone with questions or in need of reassurance.  

Freckles sent you an attachment with a note and some pictures.

Lorri and Paul
Pet Boarding Palm Beach Florida
Hi Ted,
Just a note to say I miss our (multitude) of daily walks, and I really enjoyed hunting those little Florida lizards;
you could have let me catch one – we don’t have any of those in Minnesota.  It was fun to spend a week with
you, but I’m happy to be back with Lorri and Paul; although I thought I’d miss them more.  Lorri says I’m usually
“needy” when I get back from the kennel and want to spend time on her lap.  Not this time, I just got in the motor
home and curled up with my favorite “fishy” for a nap while we traveled to Georgia.  Thanks for the excellent
attention you paid me while Lorri and Paul took care of business in West Palm Beach.  I’ll be back the next time
they go to Florida.

-Freckles Monteeen
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pet Sitter Palm Beach

Ted says that our dog is a “high maintenance” dog.  Ted knows dogs and he is correct. By all means Taz has
the right to be a high maintenance dog, she was a bait dog used for fighting and has the emotional and
physical scars to prove it. Hence, the name Taz.

She earned her well-deserved name on the day she adopted us at the pound. She sweetly came over and lay
on our knees begging to be freed from her 10-month limbo.  Bringing her home we noticed some quirky
behavior and asked ourselves “what’s the worse that could happen?” and didn’t bother to dig out the kennel in
the back of the shed. She aptly and quickly earned her title as the “Tasmanian Devil” as soon as we turned out
the lights.

It has since been a year and a half and it was time to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Our original
sitter passed away and I was left with a daunting task of finding someone who could handle our misguided but
very lovable girl. A search on the Internet led me to Ted. I called him right away.

Because Taz is part pit bull, (and with a name like TAZ) Ted was somewhat hesitant to board her. I emailed
Ted several times sending the perfect PR messages and pictures. I just knew that to put her in a cage would
set her back and I really have worked hard to bring her out of her shell and to build her confidence.  She does
not get along with all dogs, but small dogs are Ted’s preference and she does fine with them.  I quickly
arranged a meeting.

True to her nature she arrived a little squirmish and nervous. Ted made her feel at home and gave her his
special treat of ground turkey. Taz quickly gulped it  down and then responded with a growl and a nip. My heart
sank.   I think Ted could see my sincere disappointment and suggested that I bring her again and drop her off
for an extended afternoon stay at no cost to see if Taz could behave around the other dogs so she could stay
at Hotel Ted.

The big day arrived and with apprehension I delivered to Ted’s capable skills, one pooch. My husband
requested a back-up boarding plan at our vet.  We set sail for the Bahamas and before we even left the port
my husband insisted we contact Ted to check on Taz’s progress.

“Everything fine on the home front!” Ted reported.

Still we worried. It was not until the next morning that Ted sent an email update that put us at complete ease.
Not only were we at ease we were howling with laughter when he wrote, “You did not tell me that Taz thinks
she is a lap dog”. Indeed! What I forgot to tell him was that Taz thinks she is a Super Dog and will leap in the
air and fly at you with all 4 paws extended.  Let me tell you, it is a scary sight! The target? Your lap, ONLY if
she likes you.  I didn’t think to tell Ted this as it took her nearly 8 months to show us this special talent. Boy
were we surprised when on day 2 she pulled her Super Dog  trick with Ted. No worries now- she had officially
adopted Ted. Only then could we continue our vacation guilt- free.

We have been home for 2 weeks and I wanted to tell you the follow-up effect I believe Ted has had on Taz.  
She is now allowing visitors in our home to scratch her back and pat her. She never allowed this before. When
I walk her every morning she does not growl at passing dogs even if they are bigger than she is.  She greets
them nose-to-nose and controls her urge to run away.  Ted does know dogs. He has given a bit of his magic to
Taz, and we are grateful. With no apprehension we now look forward to another vacation and a stay at Hotel

Thanks Ted!


Melinda Graat & Taz
Pet Sitter Palm Beach Gardens FL
Dog Boarding Palm Beach FL
Pet Sitter Dog Boarding Palm Beach Gardens FL

My Brussels Griffon, Rita, is not just my best friend, she's my fur child!  She's a true "velcro dog" who is with me
every possible waking minute, and of course, she's my bed buddy.  I would never even consider boarding her at
a kennel or the vet.  When she's with "Uncle Ted", I know she is privy to the same privileges she has when
she's with me - full run of the house, use of the people furniture, and a warm body to snuggle with at night.  She
actually gets more walks with Ted than she gets at home.  When I travel, I get daily e-mail updates on her
adventures and sometimes even a picture of her doing something exceptionally cute.  My mind is as much at
ease as it could possibly be.  When I return to pick her up, she's certainly happy to see me, but just as certainly
in no hurry to leave.  I'm dreading the day Ted retires.

- Suzanne

Hi Ted,

Just wanted thank you again for the loving care you consistently give Sam Woo.  Sam gets so excited when he
realizes that we are taking him to "Uncle Ted" we can barely control him.  His tail starts wagging really fast and
he stares intently out the car window to catch that first glimpse of you!

As we have an active travel schedule we were very concerned about finding the right pet care for Sam when
we moved back to Florida. Initially the places we researched boarded the pets in cages (ugh!) or the places
that didn't were very noisy,crowded and lacked the individual attention we wanted for Sam.  

Dropping Sam off at your place is like a second home, we always know he will be well taken care of and get
lots of attention. In fact, although we have relatives and neighbors that have offered to take care of him, we
always prefer you!   

Thanks again for everything!  

Carol, Stewart and Sam Woo!
North Palm Beach, Florida
Private Home Dog Boarding Palm Beach FL

Hello Ted-

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Buck during our vacation!  I cannot tell you enough how
much your services meant. It is a pleasure to see how you interact with each dog on an individual basis.  As the
owner of a senior dog it was important for me to find a good caretaker who would take his age and old habits
into consideration and not force him to be one of the pack. I appreciate how you "read" Buck's needs and
adjusted your care accordingly.  

I look forward to counting on you again for your excellent care!  It is so nice to know I don't have to worry about
what to do with Buck on those few instances where we have to leave home in the future.  It was always such a
problem, trusting someone!  Your calm approach to Buck and the other dogs assured me that he was in good,
loving care.    You provide an invaluable service to pet owners who truly live and believe as though our pets
are family!

Again, thanks for the relief you brought  to me!


Joanne B.