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Kostas Serves Dog Walking & Certified Dog Training in Brickell and surrounding areas.

My name is Kostas and I was born in Greece, which is where my passion for dogs began growing up. I
remember having dogs in my life since I was young till now they always have a special place in my heart
because of their loyalty, honesty, trust, and endless love they are willing to give! I took my passion to the
next level by seeking the best dog training facility in my area where I took apprenticeship, under my
mentor who is the owner of the dog training academy who has 20+ years experience in the field. After I
graduated, I trained with other professional dog trainers with different training methods to complete my
dog training knowledge. After 2 years, I started my own company and have been doing so until the
present day. Within these years, I rehabilitated dogs with aggression, phobias, obsession, anxiety,
dominance, etc. In my spare time, I volunteered in a dog shelter where I faced the worst cases of abused
dogs who were ready to be put to sleep. I saved their lives through corrective training.  At the end of the
training, the dogs were obedient and were adopted out!! This was my greatest reward! If your dog suffers
from any behavior issues, please call me for a free consultation!

Thank you and I hope to be of service to you!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding dog walking as well as my Certified Dog
Training Service.

Phone:  786.286.1572

Testimonials coming soon!
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