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Jessica's Pet Clients:
Sweet Dixie and Gizmo are two of our favorites!!!  
Gizmo (left) and Dixie (right) are both rescue Chinese
Hairless Cresteds.  Gizmo is a ball of fun. Every time
he gets excited, he does what we call "Gizmo Spins."  
It's hilarious!!!  And Miss Dixie is just a sweet, well
mannered young lady who prefers to sit back and
watch!!  We always love having the two over when
their parents travel.  Can't wait to see the munchkins
Kakao is a 1 year old Cockapoo who stays with us
frequently. His mom and dad travel abroad often. Kakao
loovvves water, not just the drinking kind, but the kind that
falls from the sky!!! He goes out on the boat with his mom
and dad every weekend so he's a swimmer.... He loves
coming over to our house during rainy season because he
is absolutely crazy about running in the rain... I think it's
funner for him than me, but we absolutely adore him and
his great spirit!!! A true sweetheart. Can't wait to see him
again!  Here's a video of Kakao playing with his BFF Harley:
Kakao & Harley Playing Hard
Joni is a sweet Mini Dobie mix who has stayed with us a
few times now. She is so well behaved and loves hanging
out with the gang. Joni's dad, Andrew, is very proud of his
little girl. He has trained her to be such a good pup. She
always comes and goes in good spirits and is always
welcomed in our home!!
Bichon Pet Sitting Miami
Pasquale is a very sweet Nectar Bichon Frise. His mom,
Pamela absolutely loves him to death!!  Pasquale is one of
the mellowest guests we've ever had. He prefers to
spend his time just kicking back and watching the action.
He's very well mannered and has a great personality.  
Pasquale is on a special homemade diet which his mom
prepares for him very week. Boy, he loves that food, it
even makes us hungry when we see it!!! We can't wait for
the little guy to come visit us again!!
Maggie is an adorable 4 pound Chi-Shi
(Chihuahua/Shih Tzu mix). She is the cutest thing we
have ever seen!! She enlightened and surprised us
with how smart she is at 5 months old. Her daddy Cary
is so proud of his little munchkin. She learned how to
get on and off the bed with our doggy ramp the 1st
day. Maggie and Nico played so much together, they
became best-friends. Maggie even made another best
friend, Sassy, our next door neighbor's mini Shih-Tzu.
They ran around the yard and played chase like crazy.
Maggie is as fast as a rocket!!! We can't wait to see
her again!!
Jambo is a gorgeous Bichon Frise who comes to stay
with us often with his older brother, Hansel. Jambo is
such a love bug!! He's got tons of energy and good
vibes. He makes everyone and every animal very happy
with his great spirit!  Jambo's mom and dad always bring
him freshly groomed and clean. We love this crazy little
English Bulldog Dog Boarding Miami
Hello, my name is Alcapone and I'm a young English
Bulldog. My mom, Maria loves me sooo much!!! I
came to stay at Jessica and Jorge's camp for a long
weekend while my mom and dad went to the
Dominican Republic. I learned so many new tricks. I
went for really long walks with Jorge in the
neighborhood and even made a new cool friend,
Presha, Jessica and Jorge's neighbor's dog. We had
so much fun playing in the yard. I can't wait to come
back and hang out with all of my new friends!!
Dalmation Boarding Miami
Zorro is a Dalmation/Lab mix. He may be big, but his
heart is even bigger. He comes to stay with us
frequently  with his little sister, Isabella, and his little
brother, Polo. Zorro loves going for long walks with
Jorge. They go for an hour plus at a time sometimes.
Zorro is well-mannered and very obedient. We always
welcome the "3 Musketeers" into our home with open
Pug Pet Sitter Miami
Chicho is an active energetic Pug who comes to stay
with us for weekends when his mom and dad go out
of town.  He has so much energy. As you can see from
this picture, he surely works himself out in the yard.
He is a very well behaved boy and is welcomed in our
home any time!
Cocker Spaniel Pet Sitter Miami
Isabella is a year old Cocker Spaniel who has stayed
with us a few times already. She comes with her big
brothers Polo and Zorro. Isabella's moms take really
good care of her and always worry about how she's
behaving. At our home, she's always on her best
behavior and gets along great with everyone. She has
become quite a feisty little thing. Boy, she knows how
to stand up for herself!! She has a beautiful haircut and
the prettiest long eye lashes we've ever seen!!! We
love her!!
Chinese Hairless Crested Dog Boarding Miami
Pumba is a Chinese Hairless Crested, as
is his brother Zap. Pumba is a love bug.
He is so sweet. He absolutely loves
spending time on my lap and getting belly
rubs. He is such a ham!!! I woke up one
morning during his last stay with us and I
felt a rather large hairless warm body
next to mine, and it wasn't Jorge!!! Pumba
snuck under the covers to spend as
much time with me as he possibly could.
We love him!!  His mom, Beth, reassured
us that she was going to have a talk with
him about how to "behave with the
Chinese Hairless Crested Pet Sitter Miami
Zap is a Chinese Hairless Crested, a rare
breed, who has stayed with us 2 times
already. Zap, or we like to call him Zappy, is
a nervous little guy, so he requires plenty
of quiet time and extra TLC. His last stay
with us was remarkably comfortable for him.
He was following me around the house and
spent a significant amount of time hanging
out with the gang. He has taken well to
being around other animals and we are so
happy that we have been able to help him
come out of his shell. His brother, Pumba,
well, his story is to follow.
Bella is a sweet Cocker Spaniel who has
stayed with us a few times already. She is full
of energy and loves goofing around with my
pups. Bella is well mannered and always
comes with a nice haircut. She does like to
spend a lot of her "napping time" on the
couch next to Jorge and myself. She's such a
Bull Terrier Dog Care Miami
Diego is a wonderful Bull Terrier who comes to stay
with us for quite often. He is the sweetest gentle Bull
we've ever met! He gets along great with my little
ones and plays so gently with them, keeping in mind
their size vs. his. Diego is learning English commands
now, as he came from Brazil not too long ago and
"barks" Portuguese. We can't wait to see him again!
Wheaten Terrier Dog Boarding
Hello, my name is Harley and I'm a goofy boy. I am
a 6 month old Silky Coated Wheaten Terrier and
have enough energy to pass along to every dog
in the neighborhood. I came to stay at Jorge and
Jessica's house and boy, did I have fun. I made a
new best friend, Kakao, a Cockapoo who stays
with Jessica a lot. We rolled around the really big
back yard and played fetch, chase, and had a
contest as to who could drink the most water!!!  I
really had a blast and can't wait to come back and
hopefully play with my new BFF, Kakao. Jorge
and Jessica treat me very nice too, I can't wait to
see them again!!!
Golden Retreiver Pet Sitter Miami
Vitto - the king of all kings!!  Vitto was my first
"professional dog boarding client". His mom
traveled back and forth between Miami and North
Carolina, as she was getting ready for a big move.
He was the best Golden Retriever ever, aside the
amount of shedding, of course!!!  We would walk him
off leash and he would walk right alongside of us.
He was so smart, and bilingual too!! We do miss him
since he made his move, but we're hoping when his
mom comes back to visit Miami, she brings him for a
day at the dog house!!!
Rat Terrier Dog Boarding FL
Buddy is a year old Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix.
He's a firecracker!!  Buddy has this hilarious
howl... He sees something he wants and he howls
'til it comes to him. He is so energetic, it almost
makes me dizzy to watch him run around. He is a
very sweet boy though. He can give you kisses all
day long. He loves to sleep in bed with us and
plays very well with my doxies.
Dalma is a 1 1/2 year old White Husky. She is a goofy
girl!! She has a blast playing chase in the yard with
whomever and whatever gives chase. She ran around
in 72 laps one time, I actually counted. But as you can
see from this picture, she does have a calm gentle
side to her, and spoiled too!!  She made herself right at
home on our couch!!
Lab Pet Boarding FL
Cindy is one of our favorite guests. She is such a well
behaved 2 year old Yellow Lab. Cindy loves taking
really long walks.... I don't know who was more worn
out at the end of them, Jorge or Cindy??  This is by
far one of the most well-behaved and gentle labs I
have ever met. And she's a big spoiled baby too!!  
Her owners, Nilda and Roly love bringing her over to
our house. They even think she likes it at our home
more than theirs, sorry guys!!
Winston and Roosevelt are two brothers, both Olde
English Bulldogs. Both are powerhouses!!!  I almost
lost an arm walking them!!  They are very social and
gentle, believe it or not. They love running around
the yard and playing fetch. This picture was taken at a
doggie happy hour, hence the smiles :)
Basenji Dog Sitter Miami
Soseki is our favorite non-English speaking
Basenji. Soseki was a challenge, not because of
any bad behavior, but because he only
understood Japanese. We were thrown in for a
loop, but he picked up on English commands
very quickly. As you can tell, all of the new
lessons had him exhausted, as he lays on the
couch like a sleepy child... nap time any one??
Polo is a 2 year old English Cocker Spaniel. He's quite
the lady's man. He's really goofy. Loves to run around
and give kisses to everyone, and now his moms got
him his very own girlfriend, Isabella. The crew stays
with us regularly. Polo is really well groomed and is
always on his best behavior when he visits with us.
Eno is a 7 year old terrier mix. She was quite shy
when she came to stay with us during Art Basel for
10 days. Her mom made the long drive down from NY
to attend the events in Miami. By the second and
third day, Eno was right at home. When her mom
picked her up, she did not even want to leave. She's
a great car-rider too. She loves to sit on the console
and navigate, quite the co-pilot!! We can't wait until
November to see her again!
Maxie and Mini, our step-daughters. Maxie and
Mini are quite the duo. Maxie loves to sit on the
couch next to me and watch tv, something she
can do day in and day out. Any sign of an animal
on the screen and she's off!!! Launched to the
edge of the couch and barks at that screen. Get
'em Maxie!!  Mini is a sweetie pie. She prefers
to cuddle up next to me and just watch the
world outside through the window. They too fell
in love with Mr. Winston - maybe they can meet
again next year when he comes to stay with us!!  
My favorite girly pugs stay with me quite a bit.
They have their own place in our hearts!
Winston - the Super Pug!!  Winston and
his family travelled down from Canada to
go on a Caribbean excursion. This dog is
great!!  He has so much energy and loves
to run around and play with my doxies. He
is quite the sport!! I had never seen a
black pug before Winston stayed with us,
but he surely did not disappoint me. What
a pug personality!! He even made two
girlfriends at my house, Maxie and Mini,
his "little pug-loves"!!  We can't wait to
see him again when his parents come
back down next winter.
English Mastiff Pet Boarding FL
Roxanne:  Queen of the land. This very large 2 year
old English Mastiff is the sweetest thing! She loves
to roll around in the yard and bark at the sky!! Roxy
is a big girl - but all the more to love!!  She's not
much of a walker, but she sure can run fast when
she sets her eyes on something she wants to eat.
Yorkie Cageless Boarding Miami
Tango is a six year old Yorkie who is the sweetest
little guy... He gets along great with everyone and
loves sitting on my feet. He sleeps in bed right next
to Jorge. His mom and dad, Beatriz and Paul tell us
that whenever it’s time to come over to our house,
they always ask him if he wants to go to Jorge and
Jessica’s and he starts jumping up and down,
literally!! His whole car ride is a blast!!!  He's the
quintessential Yorkie, nothing less!! I want one just
like him!!
Bernie is a Maltipoo, a year old, who stays with us
frequently. He has such a great personality. He
lives and loves to play all day, any chance he gets.
His favorite doxie to play with is Nico. Boy, those
two get going and there's no way to stop the
craziness!! He is extremely well behaved and
trained by his mom and dad, Laurie and Bob, and
always comes with a fresh haircut. Bernie is a great
Chai and Otto, brothers (not by blood,
obviously) came to stay with us for a weekend.
Otto is a regular client, but this was the first
time the brothers were boarded with me
together. Chai is a mixed Whippet and Terrier,
and Otto is a Chihuahua/Alien mix. Otto is so
funny and playful. I thought the battery in by
smoke detector was running low and chirping,
but came to find out that Otto "chirps" when he
gets excited. Quite the funny little guy. Both
Chai and Otto are very well behaved lap dogs
and have a great time at my house!!
Australian Shepard Dog Resort
Zoe is a wonderful Mini Australian Shepard. Zoe is
such a delight!!! From the moment she walked
through our door she has been so well mannered
and fun. Her mom was in a last minute bind and
didn't have much time to find a safe loving place for
Zoe. Luckily, she found us and we are so blessed to
have had nothing but pleasure with Miss
Zoe!!! She made a boyfriend, Eddie, who hangs out
at our pad for doggy day care Monday thru Friday.
Zoe and her mom, Sonia are wonderful to work with
and are always welcomed to our house!!!
Chihuahua Pet Sitting
Wolfie is a wonderful long-haired Chihuahua who
came to stay with us while his parents from California
stopped through Miami to take a nice trip down to
the Caribbean to the wonderful island of Curacao.
Wolfie was such a sweetie pie. He really held pulled
his own weight as well. Wow, the set of pipes this
little guy had, I thought it was a big dog barking, all
of that mean punch out of a compact 4 pound body.  
Wolfie enjoyed hanging out on the back of the couch
looking out of the living room window for some
action!!! We hope to see him again sometime real
Doofus came to stay with us for a few weeks while his
mom Melodie was traipsing around Europe and India.
Doofus is a Bichon mixed with Poodle. He has such a
great disposition. He was on his best behavior the
whole time and always got along with whoever was
around him, either four legged or two legged. We can’t
wait to see the goofy sweetie pie again!!
Poodle Pet Care Miami
Lulu is a wonderful Miniature Poodle who came to stay
with us for a week. Her mom, Avis, was so lucky as to
have rescued this adorably cuddle bear from a shelter
when she was a young girl. Miss Lulu is quite the
princess. She comes along a with a strict set of
demands, which include you must allow her to kiss you
as much as she wants, you must share her (your) bed
with her, and you must let her know how pretty she is,
at all times!! We can’t wait to have her over again, what
a pleasure!!
American Eskimo Sitter
Flurry baby, our favorite American Eskimo. Flurry has
been one of our long term guests for quite a while.
When her dad Richard, a snowbird from Maryland,
comes down for a few months out of the year, Flurry
always comes to stay with us for a few weeks at a time.
We absolutely adore this snuggle muffin. She’s a
whopping 11 years old, but has the face of a puppy.
Everyone who sees her stops to admire her and get a
glimpse of pure perfection. Flurry is also very talented,
she is a singer. See her YouTube video singing along
with me, called “I Love You”:  
Flurry Sings "I Love You"
Westie Dog Boarding Miami
Hi, my name is Snow, and I’m a real cute little Westie.
I am Jessica and Jorge’s neighbor and I came to stay
with them over the holidays, and boy, did I have
fun!!! Jorge and Jessica were so nice to me!! I spent
lots of time running around with her doxies, and the
rest of the time sleeping and eating!!! They gave me
lots of yummy treats (with my dad’s permission of
course), and I can’t wait to go back to visit with them
Weimariner Dog Sitter
Sadie is a lovely 6 year old Weimariner who has
stayed with us a few times. She is a pure gentle
giant!! Sadie is such a big goofy girl with a great spirit.
We see her mom and dad walking her around the
neighborhood sometimes and she always stops, wags
her tail and gives us a hug!!! We love her so much!!
Schnauzer Pet Care Miami
Max is a Mini Schnauzer who comes to stay with us
often. He comes from a wonderful family who always
brings him clean, well groomed, sweet, and spoiled
rotten!! We love Max and he loves coming to our
"dog camp" to hang out with the doxies.
Beagle Cage Free Dog Boarding Miami
Billy is a sweet Beagle who was rescued from the
shelter. His moms are absolutely crazy about the breed,
so much so that they went and got another one, Danny,
right after they got Billy. Billy loves to be a typical
hound dog and run, hunt and dig holes with the doxies
in the back yard!! Billy is also really brave!!
Hansel, the brother of Jambo, is a wonderful Bichon,
who lives up in Gainesville and comes down to visit
his brother Jambo a few times a year. When he
comes down, the family usually goes on trips
together and the boys come to stay with us. They are
like two peas in a pod. They are hilarious to watch
playing together, like two 2 kids in a toy store!! We
love having them over as they always bring a shining
light into the mix!!
Katie is a lovely Maltipoo who stays with us
frequently. Her mom and dad, Marge and Dan are
head over heels for this little bundle of joy.  Katie
fits right in from the minute she walks through the
door, not a bit of nervousness. She even helps
protect the front yard through the living room
window, as she sits on patrol with the weiner dogs!!!
Hi, my name is Max, and I'm a frequent guest of Jorge
and Jessica's. I love going to their house because they
have the coolest dogs, and a huge yard to run around in
circles in. I love playing chase with their new Doxie,
Cody. We run for hours and hours. That little guy is pretty
fast too, especially for being vertically challenged!! We
run toe-to-toe!!
Dachshund Pet Sitting in Miami
Hi, my name is Pico and I'm a cute little Dapple Dachshund. I
have one green eye and one blue eye. I came to stay with
Jessica and Jorge right after my mom adopted me and have
stayed there every time she goes away since. I love
hanging out at the doxie camp, they've got 4 other ones just
like me!!! And Cody, well, he's just a blast!!
Tommy is a very sweet and energetic teacup Mini
Pinscher who comes along with his sister, Pebbles.
Unfortunately, Pebbles doesn't sit still long enough
for us to snap a glamour shot of her but the two of
them, wow, what a show they put on. They have so
much energy!!! Wonderful little Min Pins they are.
We absolutely adore them!!
Boxer Dog Resort Miami
Bellz is a wonderful 1 year-old Boxer / Rhodesian
Ridgeback mix who came to stay at the doggy hotel
for a few weeks. She is such a sweetie pie!! It's
amazing how tender she was with the little ones, and
what great manners she had!!! We truly do miss her
and can't wait to see her again!!
Welsh Corgi Miami Dog Boarding
Houston is a wonderful Welsh Corgi who came to
stay with us for a weekend when her mom and dad
took a trip down to Key West. Miss Houston was
such a good girl with wonderful manners. She had
lots of fun romping around the yard and playing
chase with my doxies. She had a blast!!!
Bella is a gorgeous chocolate and tan Pomeranian
who came to stay with us while her really cool
mom and dad came down from Ohio to hang out in
Florida and go on a cruise.  Bella is such a
sweet-dispositioned young lady. She's so full of
energy and has quite the character and set of
manners to go along with the package. We can't
wait to see her again!!
Pet Boarding Cageless Miami
Hello, my name is Lola and I'm an adorable 4 month
old Shih Tzu. I came to stay with Jorge and Jessica
at their fun dog camp for a long weekend when my
mom and dad went to Disney World. I am quite the
little princess, always ready to play and give lots of
kisses. Oh, and my favorite color is pink!!
Dog Boarding Private Home Miami
Momo is an adorable Maltese. His dad rescued him from
a shelter and was very lucky to come across this
wonderful, handsome boy.  Momo's dad was worried
because Momo was not very social with other dogs and
when he came and met with us and the doxie pack,
Momo was totally cool!! He was on his best behavior and
we would welcome him back any time!!
Pet Sitter Miami Welsh Corgi
Mackey is a really cool Welsh Corgi from North
Carolina. He stayed with us one time beofre when his
mom and dad came down to Florida to escape the
cold weather up north and enjoy sunny South
Florida.  Mackey is so well-behaved and a delight to
have over.  We can't wait to see him again next year!
French Poodle boarding
Chanel is a sweet 2 year old French Poodle who
came to stay with us while her mom, a soap opera
actress, took a nice ski trip before the winter
season ended. Miss Chanel was an absolute
delight, on her best behavior and gave us lots of
kisses and loves cuddling with us. We can't wait to
see the sweet pea again!
Max is a sweet Maltese who is our newest
doggy daycare guest. His mom and dad
rescued him a few months ago and cleaned
him up and boy is he handsome!! He loves
running around the yard with my
pack-o-weiners and lounging on the couch
with us. He behaves like a perfect
Miami Doggy Daycare
Pet Resort Miami
Casey is a sweet, energetic Yellow Lab mix who
came to stay with us while his mom, dad and
brothers went on a ski trip to Utah.  This
adorable boy was rescued from an animal
shelter and was blessed with a wonderful loving
and caring family.  He's a bundle of energy and
has a great spirit, oh, and loves to play chase!!!  
He came along with his cousin, Eli,  another
great four legged pal, for spring break camp!!
Dog Resort Miami
Eli, a sweet 2 year old mixed breed, came to stay
with his cousin, Casey, for a spring break camp
experience.  Eli is a handsome, smart and very
well-mannered young boy.  He kept his cousin,
Casey, as well as another Beagle guest, Lulu, very
occupied.  Watching the three play was an
absolute riot!!! We've seen energy, but wow, the 3
musketeers, they packed a mean punch, never a
dull moment!!
Dog Boarding Miami Aventura
Max is a really cool Westie (West Highland
Terrier) who has stayed with us twice now,
while his mommy and daddy go on cruises.  Mr.
Max is quite a handsome gentleman.  He always
comes with a great spunky attitude and a fresh
haircut!  He also does a fantastic job guarding
the grounds!!
Pet Sitter Cage Free Boarding
Princess, a wonderful and stunningly gorgeous
black Cocker Spaniel came to stay with us for a
long weekend when her mommy traveled back
home to Michigan. Princess was on her best
behavior and got along with my weiner pack
and our other guests as if it were second
nature to her. We can't wait to see her again!!
Dachshund Dog Boarding Miami
Miss CoCo Chanel is one of our regulars, a
gorgeous, sweet-tempered, long haired
Dachshund.  CoCo and Cody are best of friends
(and boyfriend/girlfriend).  CoCo is so funny, she
likes to sleep under the bed during the daytime,
but as soon as she hears me opening her can of
dinner, whoa, she's like a rocket across the
house!!  Her mom is moving back up to New York
soon so we'll miss her, but at least we got to
spend plenty of time with her royal majesty!!
Husky Dog Boarding Miami
Ice is a very handsome 8 month old Siberian Husky
who came to stay with us for a long weekend.  Ice
is quite the stallion, with his piercing blue eyes,
the lady's man I called him.  All of the neighbors fell
in love with him!!  He loved walking with Jorge, he
got a little extra spoiled, 8 walks a day!!  We can't
wait to see this lovebug again!!
Private Home Boarding
Samantha, or Sammy, is an adorable Chihuahua
mix who came to stay with us for a 2 night sleep
over, but will be back again really soon.  She is
the quintessential lapdog. What a cutie-patoo-tie!!  
Her mom, Yina, has Sammy very well trained. She
was on her best behavior and loved hanging out
with the dachshund pack and loved playing in the
Cageless Dog Boarding Miami
Emma is a spunky wire-haired dachshund who came
for a sleep over at the dog pad.  Emma and Cody,
whoa, those two, they didn't stop playing until it was
time to go to bed.  They ran from one side of the
house to the other in mach 10 speed, as well as the
yard.  They had sooo much fun playing.  Emma is a
true sweetie pie and we can't wait to hang out with
her again!!
Dachshund Rescue of Florida Foster Dog
Senior Dog Sitting
Dachshund Boarding Florida
Dog Sitter Miami
Sidney, Doogie, Cookie and Klaus a/k/a Weenie, came to stay with me
for a long weekend. Sidney, the beautiful longhaired red doxie, came
along with Cookie, the sweetest black and silver dapple doxie, and
their cousins Doogie, a senior doxie came along with his fellow senior
brother, Weenie.  These four were a phenomenal group of dogs to
watch.  All 4 of them had their classic yet distinct set of doxie
characteristics.  Sidney was a special case because she is currently a
foster dog, one we're all hoping will find a new forever home very
soon!! Sidney, along with other rescue Dachshunds can be found at
Florida Dachshund Rescue.
Pet Sitting Dog Boarding Miami Broward Palm Beach
Oscar is a really cool Solid Black Dachshund, who
comes along with his rather large little sister,
Nola, the Great Dane.  Oscar and Nola are really
well behaved pups, and always come with a great
attitude.  One of his favorite things to do is lizard
hunt with the doxie pack!!!
Miami cruise dog boarding
Libby-Lu, a sweet 2 1/2 year old Maltese, made
the long trip down to Miami from Illinois when
her mom and dad went on a cruise for a long
holiday weekend.  This little girl was spunky and
quite the guard dog!!  She had fantastic manners
and was a piece of cake!!  We can't wait to see
her again when her mom and dad make the trip
down to Miami again!!
Wheaten Pet Care Miami
Harry, a handsome and funny Soft-Coated
Wheaten Terrier, another wonderful referral by
our favorite groomer,
Salon Pooch-Ini, came to
hang out with us and the weiner gang when his
dad and favorite big brother Zach went on a nice
action-packed summer vacation!!!  Harry was
such an angel!!! We can't wait to see him again!!
Bull Terrier Pet Boarding Miami
Ming is a really cool 9 year old English Bull
Terrier who came to stay with us for a long
weekend with his older brother, Odie, a very
sweet Schnauzer.  Ming prefers to spend most
of his day sleeping, relaxing and dreaming
about his next meal!!  
Pet Sitter Dog Boarding Miami
Odie is a very well-mannered 13 year old Mini
Schnauzer, who came along with his younger
(big) brother, Ming, to hang out with us for a
long weekend.  Odie was recently diagnosed
with diabetes, so he required insulin shots,
but was a trooper and took them like a man!!  
We can't wait to hang out with this duo again!!
Cageless Dog Boarding Miami