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Can I come and meet with you prior to boarding?
Yes! We always recommend that new clients come in with their pets for a meeting prior to their stay with us. This way we can answer all your questions
and you and your pet will be relaxed when you drop him off.

Will my dog be put in a cage?
Absolutely not, however, if you have a puppy that is being crate trained or it is used to sleeping in one and you provide the cage, we will, as always,
follow your rules regarding your pet’s care!

Where will my dog sleep?
We let them decide wherever they feel comfortable sleeping. Of course, we are happy to enforce any “house rules” you have for your pets (keeping
them off the furniture, etc.) If they have their own bed by all means bring it along.

Can I bring them their favorite toys and treats?
Yes, of course we want their stay to be relaxed and enjoyable. But always make sure to include their food, because sudden changes in their diet may
cause a stomach upset.

Does my dog go for walks? Do they go to dog parks?
Yes, they are walked several times a day. This is a special treat for dogs to be in a new neighborhood with new dog smells to investigate and “leave a
reply”. Dog parks are also an option as long as we have your prior consent and the dog behaves well around other dogs.

Are you going to follow my feeding schedule?
Yes, this is very important. We always make sure to follow your instructions when it comes to feeding.

My dog is a “special needs pet”, will you consider taking him in?
Pets with special needs are always welcome on a case by case basis depending on what is required. However it is very important to give us detailed
written instructions.

Are other dogs that will be there up to date on their shots?
Yes, we request that all dog guests must have their shots up to date.

Are you able to administer medication?
Yes. All medication must be labeled with the instructions from your Vet.

Are you able to administer shots?
Yes, we can administer injections (such as daily insulin shots).

What if there is an emergency?
We have years of experience caring for dogs, if medical attention is needed we will take your pet either to his vet or the nearest emergency veterinary
office (if your vet is not available).

Will I be able to drop off/pick up my dog late in the evening?
Yes, depending on the host’s schedule and as long as arrangements are made prior to drop off/pick up.

Can I find out how my dog is doing while I am away?
We encourage pet owners to call anytime they need reassurance that their pet is happy. If you wish we also keep in touch with clients by emails and text

My dog is an older dog; will he/she be comfortable at your home?
Yes, We make sure dogs that need a more tranquil surrounding are kept separated in the house or we keep a doggy gate, so the younger dogs are not
bothering them. However they can interact with the family and the other pet guests as well if they chose. Older dogs need  attention also, making them
feel loved is a great remedy for stress.

Do I need to bathe my dog before boarding?
Yes, please ensure that your dog arrives clean, and flea and tick free. Since we’re keeping the dogs in our homes, hygiene is extremely important to us.

I have a young dog that has not been neutered. Will you accept him as your boarder?
We recommend a meeting prior to boarding arrangements; during that meeting we will observe the dog’s behavior:
-is the dog urinating inside the home (marking)?
-is the dog showing aggression towards the other dogs?
-is the dog extremely hyper or restless?
-if  a female is she due to come into heat?

We try to accommodate everyone, but a dog that shows signs of a lack of bladder or bowel control, aggression and other negative behaviors will not be
allowed to stay.
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